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Li Lihua July 17, 1924-March 20, 2017

(Created Sept 2000)   {Last update April 2017}

Welcome! A webpage created in appreciation of a cinema legend whose onscreen stardom

prevailed from the late '40s to the '70s. Her unparalled beauty, glamour and versatile talent

continue to captivate and enthrall her fans.

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LLH 2016 Hong Kong Lifetime Award

LLH Golden Horse Lifetime Award 2015

A Myriad of Colors - Wanzi Qianhong (1943)

Yang GuiFei - The Magnificent Concubine (1960)

China Doll - Feihu Jiaowa

Lady Balsam's Conquest - Xiao Fengxian

Three Women - Xan Nu Xin (1947)

Blood in Snow - Xue Lihong 1956 (Xiao Fangniu)


Empress Wu Zetian

Lady Balsam's Conquest Part II (1955) - Xiao Fengxian II

Between Tears And Smiles - Gudu Chungmeng

Nu Da Dang Jia

Chun Jiang Yi Heng (1944)


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